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          May 8th is "No Pesticides Day." This annual event was created by activists in Westchester County, New York. "No Pesticides Day" encourages residents to cancel routine pest services, stop using lawn pesticides, and rid their homes of toxic pesticides at special sites set up for safe disposal. Educational materials are available at special outdoor locations, helping people realize the special dangers to children and pregnant mothers which pesticides pose. Using organic produce, or at least peeling fruits and vegetables, is encouraged. Pregnant women and/or children are advised to stay off golf courses after pesticides have been applied.

          Besides the Lymphoma Foundation of America, many other health and environmental groups around the country support Westchester County's pioneering program in raising public awareness about pesticides.

          As always, Lymphoma Foundation of America advises lymphoma survivors to try to limit their exposure to pesticides, solvents, and other toxic chemicals.

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