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Kai Fu, M.D., Ph.D.

Young Scientist Award
Given by the Lymphoma Foundation of America

Kai Fu, M.D., Ph. D

Assistant Professor 
Department of Pathology

University of Nebraska Medical Center

“I am really honored and delighted to receive this award from the Foundation. I appreciate the recognition and support from LFA. I hope my research in pathogenesis and pathobiology of lymphoma will ultimately lead to the cure and prevention of the disease.”

"I am a physician, teacher, and researcher. My research involves several aspects of the hematopathology of lymphomas. Currently I am working on the pathogenesis of lymphoma with particular attention to the gene expression profiles of B-cell nonhodgkin lymphomas and Burkitts lymphoma in particular. I hope to one day be able to identify genes that predict the biologic behavior of different subtypes of lymphoma."

"The resistance of mantle cell lymphoma to current chemotherapy regimens indicates that new therapeutic approaches are needed. Here at the Nebraska Medical Center, we are screening MCL lines by using a genome-wide siRNA library to identify key components, which are required for aberrant NF-K activation, cell proliferation and survival in MCL cells. This may allow for the development of new treatment approaches for this incurable disease."

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