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Rare Type of Lymphoma Linked to Breast Implants

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that women with breast implants may be more likely to get a rare type of lymphoma -- anaplastic large cell lymphoma -- has been linked to breast implants, possibly as a result of silicone found in cells around the implants. This cancer occurs in women with both saline- and silicone gel-filled implants, both of which are contained in a silicone envelope.

For more information, please go to the F.D.A. at this link:

"Chicken Soup for the Soul felt it was time to issue a new collection of inspirational stories from the cancer community. As a co-author of The Cancer Book, I feel privileged and proud to have played a central role in putting this book together."

David Tabatsky
    Excerpts from the book
Three lymphoma survivors describe their stories in a unique and interesting way.
Cancer Through My Eyes
Amy Chmielewski
lymphoma survivor
    Taking Nothing for Granted
Jon Schneider
lymphoma survivor
    A Humbling Experience
Lori L. Smart
lymphoma survivor
Cord Blood Program Families impacted by lymphoma may be interested in the "Related Donor Cord Blood Program" which now offers families an opportunity to have the umbilical cord blood of a new baby collected and stored at no cost to them. The cord blood then may be used to treat an affected biological sibling or parent who has a diagnosed disease such as leukemia, lymphoma, a sickle-cell disorder, an immune deficiency or a metabolic disease. Cord blood may also be used as the best available biological match to help a person who is not related to the donor. More information about the Related Donor Cord Blood Program is available at
Betsy de Parry's memoir of her ride on cancer's emotional roller coaster is a story full of encouragement and hope for lymphoma patients. Betsy writes about the impact of her illness on her family and friends, and tells the story of her lymphoma recovery from the moment of diagnosis until after treatment ended. She also describes her experience with radioimmunotherapy. You can find out more about radioimmunotherapy on her web page:

Betsy says: "The Roller Coaster Chronicles is the story I desperately wanted to hear when I was diagnosed. Though I never dreamed I'd end up writing it and though my husband and I were at first reluctant to bare our souls, we never wanted anyone to feel alone again. And so this book is for all who follow in our footsteps - patients, family members and friends. While each of our situations is unique, there are common threads to all our stories, and we hope that ours will offer you comfort, a tip or two to help you build your own survival techniques... and most of all, encouragement and hope."

Betsy de Parry


Radio talk show: Targeting the Tumor in Lymphoma
Interviews with the top lymphoma specialists in the country help you make the most informed choices about your health. The latest Patient Power radio talk show will be about new ways to target lymphoma tumors, and will cover radiation therapy, targeting other antigens, low toxicity “proapoptotic therapy and studies on antibodies for lymphoma. Wednesday, July 8 at 6 p.m. PST.

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Letter to Medicare opposing cuts in funding for radioimmunotherapy drugs Bexxar and Zevalin | PDF 

Clicking on this takes you to the attached PDF, "CMS Letter"

Report Published by Lymphoma Foundation of America: SOLVENTS AND LYMPHOMA 

Summaries of literature that consider a relationship
between benzene exposure and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 
(in PDF format)

Lymphoma Foundation
Young Researcher Award Announced

Lymphoma Foundation
Young Researcher Award Announced

Lymphoma Foundation 
Young Researcher Award Announced

Lymphoma Foundation 
Research Grant Announced

Market Forces Cited in Lymphoma Drugs Disuse

Sometimes it's more profitable for a doctor to use one drug as opposed to another. The New York Times ran this story on their front page describing why doctors are reluctant to prescribe two of the most useful chemotherapy drugs for lymphoma.

Tracing Cancer's Cause

When Maryland firefighters wanted to find out why so many of them had cancer, including non-Hodgkins lymphoma, they suspected they were exposed to toxic chemicals. The Washington Post published a story about their efforts to understand what happened and their search for help with medical coverage and cancer screenings. The Washington Post also published a letter from our Foundation describing the link between lymphoma and chemical exposures.

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