Pesticides Research Report:
Do Pesticides Cause Lymphoma?

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Here’s what’s in the Pesticides Research Report:
Research Updates

Introduction (31K / PDF)
  • Cover, Title, and TOC Pages
  • Scientific Review Panel
  • Message From The President

Map: Do You Live In a High-Lymphoma Area? (159K / GIF)

Map: On National Cancer Institute web site.

Section 1. Read This First (50K / PDF)

  • What “Causes” Cancer?
  • Research Methods: Do They Matter?
  • Who Employs the Researchers and Who Pays For the Results?
  • Hidden Bias
  • Are Some Studies Better Than Others?
  • 12 Words You Need To Know

Section 2. The Choice Is Yours:  
(37K / PDF)

Section 3. Scientific Studies Worldwide On Pesticides and Lymphoma:  
(141K / PDF)
  • Scientific Research Studies
  • Reports and Comments by Scientists
  • Dog Studies: Pesticides and Lymphoma

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