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One-on-one counseling
If you are diagnosed or need help coping with the emotional burden of having cancer, our counselors will provide you with counseling by telephone � call (800-385-1060). We'll help you understand and adjust to your new circumstances and gain the confidence you need to make necessary treatment decisions. If you are a spouse or family member of a newly-diagnosed lymphoma patient, we explain how you can assist your loved one to find lymphoma specialists, treatment centers, information, and support networks.

Second opinions - click here
To find the best treatment for your particular type of lymphoma, a correct diagnosis is essential. Also, when a doctor suggests a particular treatment- whether drugs, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, or a bone marrow transplant- it's best to get a second opinion from a lymphoma specialist. We will tell you how to get a second opinion, even if time is short. We can refer you to lymphoma specialists around the country.

Find Lymphoma Specialists - click here
Your internist or general oncologist can refer you to a lymphoma specialist. Or, you can use our list to find one in your area, or one to whom you would like to travel for care. There are also many fine lymphoma specialists who are not on our list. 

Educational programs
We sponsor special programs on quality of life issues for cancer patients: Healing and Art Therapy, Support for Caregivers, and more.


With our Pesticides Research Project, we are looking at possible causes of lymphoma.

Job security and patients' rights
If you are fired by your employer or lose your job because you are receiving cancer treatments, we can refer you to legal experts who will advise you of your rights. If you are in a government-funded clinical trial, we'll go to bat for you if you are denied the right to read your clinical protocol.

Local support group
If you would like to start a lymphoma support group where you live, we'll explain how to do it. It's easy.

Special events
We let you know about upcoming educational programs, lectures, and special events for cancer survivors and their families.

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